Snatch Off – Raw Cuts Vol. 10

If you’re a tech house dj and haven’t played something from the Snatch camp in the past few years then are you really a dj??!!

Here’s a fresh 4-track release, all from different artists. All four tracks are getting a huge amount of backing from the industries biggest players, and rightly so as they are all dancefloor monsters! Tech house at it’s very best. I’ll stop rabbiting on, go check ’em out!

Pick a favourite… I can’t!

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Sid Vaga & Herald – Be As One

Ok, so here’s something that I was sent recently by the lovely people over at Kling Klong Records. A huge 3-part release by Sid Vaga & Herald and a first release on this credible label for them.

The title track features the legendary Roy Davis Jr and comes packaged with a beautiful remix by Nathan Barato. Both versions are really powerful and would stand up to any dancefloor. The second track is called Dissident, and is yet another strong track for any tech house and techno set.

All round great release for Kling Klong and gets a huge thumbs up from me! This one is currently only available exclusively to Beatport. Grab your copy now!

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FREE DOWNLOAD :: 24hr Experience – Together (None The Wiser Remix)

Recently I (Lawrence Friend) have formed a new dj/production duo with my long term friend Tommy Heron (Pornostar Recordings, Funk Me) called ‘None The Wiser’. Our first project was this cheeky little remix of an old skool garage classic. We decided to completely re-play every element from the original and added a dark twist on the bassline.

This is available for a free download by clicking HERE or click onto the Soundcloud link below. All feedback welcome…

24hr Experience – Together (None The Wiser Remix)

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Twitter: @nonethewiserdjs

Playa del Carmen 2017 – Compiled by Chus & Ceballos

I’m not going to say much about this as I believe it speaks for itself, but it’s a 21 track release from one of my favourite labels and pretty much every one is a dancefloor banger! You need this in your life…. available now!

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Pablo Say – Green Melody

Here’s a lovely two-track EP by Spanish producer ‘Pablo Say’ recently released on the label ‘Truesoul’. Both tracks have that big room and festival vibe. The title track ‘Green Melody’ has some weird breakdowns consisting of random keynotes, but somehow it just works! The second track is called ‘Reencuentro’ which is a bouncy tech house number that has some really nice old school chord patterns.

All round a great EP, can’t wait to play it out! Available now!

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FREE DOWNLOAD :: M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade – Body Language (Angelo Scalici Edit)

It’s not very often that we get to showcase a remix of a classic and for it do do the original justice, but here is a nice edit of the classic Body Language expertly remixed by Angelo Scalici.

The best thing about this is that it’s absolutely free to download, fill yer boots!!

Hayze – Believer (Noir Dub Mix)

This is something I came across recently whilst track searching for upcoming gigs, this one stands out to me purely for it’s melodic chord pattern, it’s filter break and sketchy hats on the drop. This is the dub version from a 3-part release consisting of an original, a Noir remix and a Noir Dub. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t too fond of the vocal in the other two mixes, hence me picking out the dub remix version only.

Amazing track by Hayze and beautifully remixed by Noir, out now on Noir Music… Go get it!

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Man With No Shadow – Drumfeld EP

So, recently whilst digging around for new music I came across this little gem; a new 4-track EP on the 100% Pure label from ‘Man With No Shadow’ containing 3 original tracks and one hefty remix of the title track.

Kicking things off with the title track ‘Drumfeld’, this starts off with some old skool sounding synth chord stabs before dropping into a nice deep bass groove. Very well constructed, the track takes you on a journey as elements kick in and drop out continuously keeping the track fresh. The second track on the EP is called ‘Asteriks’, the main riff is created by a delayed chime pattern which sits perfectly over some nice swinging hats and greats little snare fills. This is definitely getting some play time in my upcoming sets, big track! Next up is the Copy Paste Soul remix of ‘Drumfeld’. This one uses the same old skool chords but with a much bigger ‘big room’ feel to them. They have completely reworked the breakdowns and drops and made it into a club banger, another one for the gig bag. So, finally we have the track ‘Double Dub’ which makes use of a nice little repetitive vocal stab sat over some nice techy drums and a huge sub bass groove. It’s quite a hard track to review as there is so much going on, worth having a listen for yourself, great track!

An all round great EP from 100% Pure, check it out…

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Dosem – Projection

Another absolute weapon from one of my favourite producers ‘Dosem’ and yet another credit to the mighty Toolroom Records. This one has it all, the main riff consists of a big brassy sounding synth pattern sat over the top of a punchy bass pattern. So many elements in this track kicking in and dropping out, from little vocal stabs to percussion hats and shakers. A perfectly crafted masterpiece, love it!

Recently featured and supported on Radio 1 by Pete Tong, here is that recording..

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Franz Johann – HandMade EP

Here’s something fresh out on B.A.B.A. Records by Austrian producer Franz Johann. Now, I’ve personally followed both the label and the artist in previous years and both have pushed out some amazing releases. This one is another one to add to the list.

This EP comes in 3 parts; two original tracks and one remix. The title track ‘Handmade’ has an addictive bouncy, yet rolling bassline sat nicely under some shaker style tech hats. A nice mixture of subtle synths and pads add to the feel of this. Great track for the dancefloors. Next up is the track ‘Woof’, which feels like it has a faster pace than the title track, some dark stabs give this one a bit of attitude, absolutely love it. The final track on the EP is the Batusim Edit of Woof. Slightly more bass-heavy than the original but keeping loads of the dark elements, some really nice builds and breakdowns.

I would definitely play all three out in the clubs. Full support from us, great EP! Grab your copy now…

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Mladen Tomic – Liquid Light EP

Here’s an amazing EP that came out at the beginning of the month by Bosnian producer ‘Mladen Tomic’ and released on La Famiglia Recordings. Consisting of 4 tracks, two originals and two remixes.

First up is the original version of the title track ‘Liquid Light’. An awesome groove with a deep warpy rolling bassline sat underneath layered drums giving a real big room feel to the track. The second track on the EP is the Loco & Jam remix of Liquid Light. From the off it’s got a darker feel with a sinister breakdown and build up. When it drops, a huge off-beat fading white noise sample kicks in over the top of the drums which really makes this mix stand out; proper club track! The next track is another remix of the title track, this time by Alberto Ruiz. He gives the track a complete overhaul and adds a slight techier feel to the drums and deepens the bassline out, it just simply works. The final track on the EP is another original called ‘Blue Pill’, this is probably my favourite on the release. It has a bouncy tech feel and a lovely rolling bass groove, loads of little stabs and percussion bits kicking in and dropping out throughout the whole track. Eventually a deep talking vocal sample kicks in, I think it’s taken from the character Morpheus in the film ‘The Matrix’, don’t quote me on that though!

All round powerful release for La Famiglia, grab your copy now…

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