FREE DOWNLOAD :: 24hr Experience – Together (None The Wiser Remix)

Recently I (Lawrence Friend) have formed a new dj/production duo with my long term friend Tommy Heron (Pornostar Recordings, Funk Me) called ‘None The Wiser’. Our first project was this cheeky little remix of an old skool garage classic. We decided to completely re-play every element from the original and added a dark twist on the bassline.

This is available for a free download by clicking HERE or click onto the Soundcloud link below. All feedback welcome…

24hr Experience – Together (None The Wiser Remix)

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Twitter: @nonethewiserdjs

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (D33P Remix)

It doesn’t happen too often, but occasionally we find a little gem that’s a little different and definitely needs shouting about. In this case it comes from D33P and his remix of Hans Zimmer’s Interstella, and whoa what a mix it is too!

I’m not gonna say too much about this as I want to let the music do the talking, but if you’re a producer/musician/engineer, or you just appreciate good, well produced music in all formats, then you will absolutely love this. And the best thing about this is that D33P is giving it away ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Just click on the Soundcloud link to download.

Once you have your copy, turn up your speakers, turn off the lights, whack it on and appreciate!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sandy B – Make The World Go Round (K & K 2014 remix)

It’s not often you come across a decent remix of an old track and the remixer is giving it away for free, but here is one!

DJ/Producers ‘K & K’ have done a complete rework of the classic ‘Make The World Go Round’ by Sandy B. They have taken that main bass pattern from the original and made it a lot deeper, over the top they have laid that awesome vocal and also added a load of stabs. This rework is huge! An amazing attempt and they have brought this into the modern day, wicked! Download it..

Check out the Soundcloud link and DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK FOR FREE:

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Phonatics Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is a track that hit our inbox recently. Producers/Remixers ‘Phonatics’ from Australia sent over their re-work of the old track ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’. They explained that it isn’t an official version, but instead it was done for a remix competition and they missed the entry deadline by two hours, so they have decided to give this tune away completely FREE!!

It has a lovely infectious, deep bassline with some really choppy vocals before that well known vocal sits really nicely on top. This track just flows well with a nice stabby chord pattern, loads of breakdowns and drops. Have a listen and pick up your copy FREE!

Check out the Soundcloud link and download the track for free:

D33P – Apollo 18 (Redub Mix) [Free Download]

I’m gonna keep this one short & sweet, up for a free download on Soundcloud. I heard it, I loved it and I downloaded it! I will definitely be featuring this in some of my dj sets, quality tune. Grab your free copy before they take it down!..

Check out the Soundcloud link and download for free!

Funkerman Vs Geisler & Warren – Speed Up 2014 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I recently got pointed in the direction of this rework of Funkerman’s hit ‘Speed Up’, I wasn’t disappointed! For anyone who remembers the original, it was an amazing track that I myself used to hammer out in the clubs a few years back. Geisler & Warren have taken the vocal and completely rewritten the track, fresh for 2014. Some big synths, breakdowns, risers and a bassline that will rock a dancefloor, this is one to listen out for! The best part of this is: THEY ARE GIVING IT AWAY! If you click on the soundcloud link, there is an option for a free download. I look forward to hearing Geisler & Warren’s future projects, if this is anything to go by then we are in store for some big things! Download this now and chuck it in the gig bag!

Check out the Soundcloud link and download for free: