Snatch Off – Raw Cuts Vol. 10

If you’re a tech house dj and haven’t played something from the Snatch camp in the past few years then are you really a dj??!!

Here’s a fresh 4-track release, all from different artists. All four tracks are getting a huge amount of backing from the industries biggest players, and rightly so as they are all dancefloor monsters! Tech house at it’s very best. I’ll stop rabbiting on, go check ’em out!

Pick a favourite… I can’t!

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Ruben Mandolini – Abduction EP

Fresh out on Snatch! Records by Ruben Mandolini is this awesome 2-track tech house EP. Starting off with the title tune ‘Abduction’; loving the bouncy tech drums in this one along with an offbeat tom-tom thrown in too! Good use of a familiar vocal sample and a nice breakdown consisting of synths/strings, vocals & snares, eventually this drops nicely into a mono-tonal bassline and some quick cut up vocal stabs, love it! The second track on this EP is ‘Lady Of Time’ which has a nice bumpy bass pattern and a repetitive vocal, huge breakdown with a sweeping reverbed siren riser and drop into that big bass pattern again. This one is probably my favourite of the two as there are more elements dropping in and out. All round great release! Good Times!

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The Deepshakerz – SNATCH! OFF06 EP

Three part EP from The Deepshakerz released on Snatch! Records. Kicking things off with ‘Everybody’s Gone’ which is a well produced tech house tune. This doesn’t have a huge bassline that makes it stand out but it does have a big bass sound that follows the kick drum and loads of stabby little vocal snippets, love it! The second track is ‘Wait The Vibe’ and has a nice long breakdown with a female vocal before kicking into some really techy drums. The third track is a deep house organ based tune called ‘Don’t Let My Body’ with a great flowing riff and some nice bass stabs. Great EP and it’s getting a lot of attention from the big players! Get your hands on it now…

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Riva Starr – Tech In Hand Remix EP

A great EP featuring four tracks, there’s two remixes of Riva Starr’s ‘Hand In Hand’ track and two remixes of ‘Nobody’s Fool’. We could only find two samples on Soundcloud for these but you can click the Beatport link and get a listen to the other two. Definitely worth the time, it’s a nice release!

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Riva Starr – Hand In Hand (Technasia Remix)

Riva Starr – Nobodys Fool (Coyu Remix)