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Public House UK – The UKs Number One Dance Music Blog

The difference between Public House UK and any other blog is that we carefully vet through hundreds of the latest tracks to bring you what we believe to be the biggest line up of electronic dance music tracks at that particular time. We know that we don’t post as many tracks as some of the other leading music blog sites, but what we do post is tried and tested in some of the biggest clubbing venues around the world!

We have a team of experienced club DJs having playing in many top prestigious clubs all over the world. Our team will show a selection of new music that’s working for us in the clubs at that time.

Aside from the DJs, we have a series of producers that contribute their new releases and recommendations, to our website. Expect some new releases from some new break-through artists as well as the big names.

As well as putting on events all over the country under various names, our promoters take time to recommend the the top events going on. Occasionally we will also be staging our own ‘phuk’ events.

The History Of PHUK

P.H.U.K. – Public House United Kingdom

Public House UK was established in 2009 and originally looked very plain and straight forward. It was initially set up to showcase and promote new releases from the smaller labels within the house music scene. Eventually it gained a lot of interest from music lovers all over the world and quickly became popular, this gain in interest also added pressure to our bloggers as we were being sent hundreds of promos and releases every week. To begin with, we were unable to keep up to date, and the times between updates were getting further apart. We then decided to stop blogging until we re-designed and refreshed the website!

PHUK Re-Designed & Refreshed!
As you can see, we have now re-designed the site! We have more Bloggers, Promoters, DJs & Producers involved so we can keep you up to date with all the latest tracks and events throughout many more genres. We are always striving to improve, so please feel free to email us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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